All Weather Lessons!

One of our latest additions, Hero, ridden by Tom Frampton in a Saturday lesson.

Christmas Ponies

Some of our ponies gearing up for a little festive cheer!


A lovely view from the yard at the start of the morning shift.

Do you want to build a snowman?

Two of our residents, Heinrich and Rascal, having some fun in the snow.

The Drive

Its a snowy walk into work today!


A stunning snowy vista across the Cotswold skyline.

Lunch Break

Sarah and Jodie out enjoying some sledging fun on our hills!

Rugged Up

One of our lovely ponies wrapped up and ready for the snow!

Fields of Snow

A great skyline view from our top paddocks.

Snowy Snout

Rascal coming back to his warm stable after some snowy fun!

A Bite to Eat

Hero and Heinrich enjoying a snowy picnic together.

Pony Club Success

Some of our students who recently passed their pony club tests!

Pony Club

Some of our students taking part in their Pony Club Assessment.

Mini Hacker

Khara and Jodie heading out on a summer trek!

Hacking Buddies

Two of our ponies before a superb sunny hack.

Snuggly Saffy

Saffy having a morning snooze in the sun!

Big Bean

Bean and our students getting to know each other.

Cuddly Khara

Another pony on a nap break, this time its Khara!

Our School

Beautiful views from our recently resurfaced arena.

The Yard

Our 10 stable yard has something for every horse or pony.